2017 Calo Healing Trauma Conference; Restoring the American Family

This year's conference is sold out.  

May 22-24, 2017 at Calo in Lake Ozark, Missouri

Calo is holding its 7th Annual "Calo Healing Trauma Conference; Restoring the American Family."   During this acclaimed attachment and trauma-focused conference, Professionals from around the country come to learn about the most impactful and innovative care available to teens and preteens struggling with early childhood complex trauma.  

About Calo
Calo is a specialist residential treatment center dedicated to treating and healing the effects of developmental trauma amongst teens, preteens and their families.  Foundationally, Calo is an interpersonal and relational program. Our interventions focus on connection and alignment, not external pressure and control. We believe that behavior modification is overused in the treatment of kids and we strive to be at the cutting edge of the most promising theories, treatments and research in the care of children suffering from early childhood trauma. 
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www.caloteens.com  and  www.calopreteens.com


This Year's Speakers

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Nancy Verrier Presenter

Nancy Verrier has a Master’s Degree in clinical psychology from John F. Kennedy University, Orinda, California. She is a psychotherapist specializing in working with adoptees, natural mothers, and adoptive families. She is the mother of adopted, biological, and step children—all adults. In addition to her clinical work, Mrs. Verrier is an internationally renown lecturer on adoption issues and separation trauma. She is the author of two books on adoption: The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child, published in 1993, and Coming Home to Self, due for publication in the fall of 2003. The Primal Wound has become a classic in adoption literature. Mrs. Verrier was awarded the Book of the Year Award from the Council for Equal Rights in Adoption in October 1993. In April 2003, Mrs. Verrier received the highest honor given by the American Adoption Congress: the Emma Valardi Humanitarian Award.

Thomas Ahern Sr. VP of Business Development

Thomas is the SVP of Business Development at Calo, an adoptee and an outspoken advocate for improvements in the continuum of care for young people experiencing the effects of early childhood trauma complicated by adoption. Mr. Ahern is a former School Psychologist with 30 years of behavioral health and education industry experience. Thomas earned his degrees from Boston University and the University of Connecticut. Mr. Ahern's experience growing up in a family of 5 adoptees coupled with his clinical insight and diverse professional knowledge make him a sought after lecturer and trainer on the local, state and national levels. He resides in Connecticut with his wife Belinda and their therapy dog Nando.

Bruce Cryer CEO Vybrato

Bruce Cryer has been called a renaissance man because of a four-decade career as a Singer, Actor, Dancer, Publisher, Author, Marketing Executive, CEO, Board member, Consultant, Mentor and Coach for Leaders in diverse fields. Bruce now brings his expertise and passion for renaissance living and working to a select group of clients each year. His diverse and fascinating background, leading successful companies and performing for large audiences, blends beautifully to create a powerful, culturally-rich, and results-driven approach with all those he chooses to work with. Music, dance, meditation and fun will definitely be involved! Bruce began as an actor/singer/dancer in New York, where his credits include performing more than 800 performances as The Boy in the world’s longest running musical, The Fantasticks. In 2016, Bruce is launching the Vybrato Group, an integrated mentoring, media and performance company designed to inspire individuals and organizations to use the fullness of their talents in the pursuit of their visions and dreams. He has attracted collaborators in the fields of art, music, dance, coaching, media, online learning, and business services, all dedicated to “raising the vibration of the planet”.

Steve Sawyer, LCSW, CSAC Clinical Director/Co-Founder of New Vision Wildernes

Steve is the clinical director and co-founder of New Vision Wilderness program. He is a licensed psychotherapist filled with passion and knowledge surrounding the intervention and change process. His experience comes from over a decade of intervention with tough-to-reach client populations in therapy settings ranging from residential, community-based, outpatient and wilderness therapy. Steve currently serves on the board of The National Association of Therapeutic Wilderness Camping (NATWC). Steve is trained in several unique therapeutic models including somatic trigger release, multiple levels of brainspotting, traumatic memory reprocessing, and HeartMath. Through his experience he has authored two books, co-founded Wisconsin’s only wilderness therapy program, New Vision Wilderness, and works as a core therapeutic training development staff with the Institute of HeartMath. He was an author in the innovative and comprehensive HeartMath Interventions Establishing a New Baseline for Sustained Behavioral Change therapist training Module that revolutionizes modern therapy interventions through an emotional physiology approach. Steve’s largest project has been the development of NVWs Trauma Informed Care model in the wilderness setting that has challenged the entire wilderness therapy industry on making healthier interventions with their clients. Steve’s trainings are recognized nationwide for cutting-edge therapeutic techniques and inspiration.

Scott Kuenneke, MS, LPC, BCN CALO Program's Director of Neurotherapies

Scott Kuenneke joined our team in March 2015 and began comprehensively increasing the capabilities of our NFB department. Scott was born and raised in the river city of St. Louis Missouri. He has always been interested in helping others and being an active participant in people’s transformation and change. His undergraduate degree was in psychology and religious studies from Webster University, where he spent most of his time learning about the biological underpinnings of mental health along with eastern practices of meditation and philosophy. Once he completed his Bachelor’s degree he decided to take a position with the Division of Youth Services (DYS) where he began to develop an interest in helping young kids overcome their challenges. The next step Scott took was to take a position at a clinic in St. Louis that specialized in biofeedback practices including neurofeedback and quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG). For 8 years he trained and studied the art and science of neurofeedback training and qEEG diagnostics. In 2009 he became a Board Certified Neurotherapist from the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA). Later he finished a Master’s of Science in Mental health counseling from Walden University. This accomplishment led him to his mental health counseling training and professional experience which includes work at The St. Louis Family Courts Juvenile Detention Center and Private Practice in the St. Louis Wellness Center. Scott is very excited about being at CALO, and having the opportunity to help teens grow and develop in the healthiest ways possible. In his free time he enjoys mountain biking in the woods, and connecting with friends and family.

Jeanna Osborn Canine Therapy Director

Jeanna has 4 sons and 5 grandchildren. She has also fostered many children for the state of Missouri. Jeanna worked in the corporate world for much of her career, but never lost her passion for animals and human relationships. Jeanna is a Certified Canine Instructor and Therapy Dog Instructor. She has trained canines for the US Military and Law Enforcement. Her experience has offered her the opportunity to work with wolves and exotic cats, like cougars, panthers and bobcats. She worked as a Veterinary Technician for large and small, domestic and exotic animals. Jeanna’s desire to work with youth and animals brought her to Calo where she enjoys mentoring students and providing them opportunities to build healthy relationships with canines and humans.


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